8th Schedule Quizzes | Season 2

Firstly, a huge shoutout to all the participants who enthusiastically participated and encouraged us from the very first Telugu-Tamil Quiz until the last Hindi Quiz in Season 1 of the 8th  Schedule Quizzes. And a special thanks to the person who inspired us to come up with the first bilingual quiz, which in turn encouraged others to host and take part in the quizzes of their respective languages and thus culminating  in the initiative of "8th Schedule Quizzes." Also, the credit of naming the initiative after a schedule in Indian Constitution goes to Ananya Upadhya, the founder of ' A HERd of Quizzers ' (A popular Instagram page). Click here for videos of Season 1 quizzes Click here for the quiz sets hosted under Season 1 Now, we announce the Season 2 of 8th Schedule Quizzes with quizzes in Telugu, Bengali, Tamil and more lined up over the next few weeks. Schedule of which will be updated soon on our social media platforms. We look forward for your active

The Journey So Far | 8th Schedule Quizzes

Before starting with anything else and boasting about native language quizzes initiative as TackOn’s own idea, let us make it clear - this was never our idea! I’m indebted to a secret superstar who incepted in me an idea of doing a Telugu-Tamil quiz but refusing to be a part of it due to some personal reasons. Despite being an anonymous secret superstar, the person’s ideas have always spelt a lucky charm and blessed us with amazing responses and love from everyone! With this inspiration and the person’s refusal to be the part of the project, I had to search for a translator and a host for Tamil part of the Bilingual quiz on Telugu and Tamil cinema. The help came from Raja KV and Md. Ansar of Chennai Quiz Factory. Albeit having an experience of framing and hosting a couple of quizzes in Telugu, curating content for a bilingual quiz on films that are well remembered in both Telugu and Tamil was a unique journey filled with fun and challenges! Our sole aim while ma

The 8th Schedule Quizzes

Inspired by the lovely response received for the quizzes hosted in Telugu, we experimented with an online live bilingual quiz on Telugu and Tamil Cinema. Boom! It was a hit. People loved it and we were overwhelmed by the messages and requests to host similar quizzes in other regional languages of India! This reminded us of a quote by Nelson Mandela... If you talk to a man in the language he understands, that will go into his head. If you talk to him in his language, it goes into his heart. Encouraged by the love and support, we enabled the regional languages quizzes to be hosted live on our Facebook page by the quiz masters of respective languages. Every other native language quiz has surprised us by the number of active participants, especially from the non-quizzing circles and followed by the encouraging reviews! Here is the list and schedule of quizzes hosted under this series: Click here for PPTs of quizzes hosted under The 8th Schedule Quizzes   Telugu - Tamil Cinema Quiz By TackO